Hoop House Raising!

We had a very successful hoop house raising today thanks to staff from HilarysEatWell.  The wind window was only 3 to 6 mph which is very rare on our farm. If Hilary's hadn't sent enough people to help today, we would have had to wait at least another two weeks for the next wind lull.    We grow roots and greens for Hilary's amazing veggie burgers.  They brought out fifteen members of their staff to help us put the plastic over our new 30 x 100 ft hoop house.  We needed a lot of hands.  Everyone was a great help and it slid on like butter!  We are so happy and grateful for efficient and excited helpers!  A big thank you from all of our hearts!  You made it look easy.  (We know that it isn't because we have done it before.)