The Wild Winds of Kansas

A beautiful month on the farm.  We are getting into the swing of things and have most of vegetables planted and now are just watering and weeding and waiting for a harvest.  We have our first harvest of new potatoes out in the big field, which is full of weeds, and bugs and scratchy things, but well worth the chance to pull little treasures of smooth yumminess from the soft soil.  Jane started a large flower garden with six varieties of sunflower, organic Echinacea, and zinnias that she hopes to sell as bouquets this year at the farmers market.  Jane wants to harvest the Echinacea root and make herbal medicine for herself and friends at the end of the season as well.  Everything is growing and our tomato plants are getting bigger and blossoming.  A storm in the first weeks damaged our hoop houses, which caused for a week of repair and some tomato plants lost to the wild winds of Kansas.  But we are keeping strong and fixing what we can and focusing on what needs to be done.  Prioritizing is the lesson of the month; how to focus on what you can do and let the rest rest until you can get to it. As always there is plenty of weeding and going on each and every day.  Which is another lesson in life, how to keep energized thru the constant mundane work of everyday.  Jane says, “Breathe…”


Pictured Above: 6o MPH wind damage